While working outside the music world, I always kept music as part of my life, but in the year 2009 a life-changing event occurred when I participated in a program called Fender University that inspired and encouraged me to pursue the dream of having my own musical compositions and lyrics someday.

At the age of 39, I made the decision to take some time out from my professional career in the Biotechnology industry to record a music album that would provide me with the satisfaction of listening to the music I enjoy most but that I was not getting from current artists in today's music industry.
Then, the Album Forty or "XL" was born in January 2017 in Los Angeles, California. 

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About XL "Forty"



D-NAS is an acronym of Noel A. Silva D.
XL stands for "Forty" in roman numerals, the age of Noel A. Silva at the date of release of the album.
The album is comprised of 9 very fresh sounding songs ranging over a variety of musical styles such as Pop, Rock and Latin, with some touches of  European classical and American jazz music.
All synth sounds and arrangements were created and recorded using the latest electronic guitar technologies, which allows the guitar to sound like any instrument conceivable, also know as MIDI-guitar.
The album has a guitar instrumental arrangement of The Beatles' song "In My Life" with a very special ending dedicated to Venezuelans living outside their homeland.
"A light in the darkness" is an inspiring song composed to thank God.
It was recorded and produced in Los Angeles between May and October of 2016, with the participation of a multicultural team of mixing engineers from places such as Chicago, France and Venezuela.


D-NAS, XL (Forty) - Track list:

1.     Love in my car- 2:55
2.     The game of love - 3:08.
3.     If  - 3:32 *
4.     Summer crush - 3:46.
5.     Your eyes don't lie - 4:10.
6.     An outsider - 4:47.
7.     A light in the darkness - 5:07.
8.     Make you mine - 5:47.
9.     In my life - 3:15. 

XL Forty·

Arrangements, guitars, bass, and synths: Noel A. Silva.
Produced by Noel A. Silva, © 2016.
Additional musicians:
Rhythm Guitars in "If": James Branagan.
Drums: Rodger Carter.
Vocals: Natalia Alias.
Percussion in songs 4, 7 9: Richard Mangicaro.

Recorded in the Doghouse Studio-Los Angeles, between May and October 2016.

Mixing Engineers: Matt Dougherty (Song 1). Zack Darling (2, 3, 4 and 5). Nicolas Essig (Songs 6 & 7). Jean Carlos de Oliveira (Songs 8 and 9).     

Mastering by Juan Carlos Arévalo, Silversound Mastering Studios, Caracas, Venezuela.
Logo design: Alessandro Bailo, bylo. Artwork: Jonathan Cabrera

Photographs by: Andreina Díaz.